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26th June
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13th July

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27th to 31st July

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30th July

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18th September

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Welcome to our website...

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School is a Catholic, Co-educational Primary School offering Prep – Year 6. It is situated at Springsure, in the Central Highlands region of Queensland. Our aim is to provide a stimulating and supportive environment in which our children gain an enthusiasm for learning in order to achieve their full potential. We are a vibrant and welcoming community founded on the values of the Gospel.

Our teachers and staff are highly-trained professionals who respect children and who are always approachable. We believe in a parental partnership, with the school working closely with the family to achieve the very best all-round education for each and every child.

We do hope you find our website helpful but encourage you to visit the school. We will be delighted to meet you and to welcome you to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School.

Community News

I would like to begin my last message of the term by saying a very sincere thank everyone for their efforts this term. Big in duration, and big in achievements. If this term has taught us anything, is that maintaining a positive partnership with family, community and friends has been the keystone to getting through challenges. It is only through the genuine positive partnerships that exist here at OLSH that we continue to succeed in all we do here in this fantastic school community.

The feedback I have received from both teachers and parents throughout the term has been most rewarding. There is a real feeling that each and every person wants the best for the children who attend and want the school to continue providing its unique brand of service, care and quality education.

These positive partnerships have been on display through the many actions of our volunteers and helpers throughout the semester and I’d like to take this opportunity to recognise them.

Firstly, to our teachers. This pandemic threw us into unchartered waters, but just like the seafarers of old, you navigated the treacherous condition to come out the other side stronger, wiser and fulfilling the challenges bestowed upon you. To say that I was impressed by your dedication and ability to adapt is an understatement. The genuine desire to ensure our students’ learning continued to thrive under adverse condition demonstrates the passion you have for your job. I can’t thank you enough.

To our school officers; the school couldn’t run without you. Your tireless efforts behind the scenes, creating activities, helping students, ensuring everyone has what they need, means the school runs like clockwork. The grounds look fabulous and we all appreciate being able to be in such a wonderful environment.

Lastly, to all parents volunteering their time at home with your child. This term has been like no other and your efforts at home during the learning from home period goes to show just how lucky our students are. Being a parent is a hard job, a complicated job and sometimes a lonely job. Probably, it’s the most important job parents will ever have, because as their child’s first teacher, they will make a difference in one way or another. However, parents here at OLSH have the opportunity to form a viable partnership with their child’s teacher, because together they have a common goal: a successful school year for each child. Teachers need to know that we are all on their side and if we aren’t, we need to be able to express ourselves as to why not.

It’s important to remember that parents and teachers are partners in helping each child achieve a successful transition to adulthood. This combined support is essential if the transition is to be a positive developmental experience for your child. A good relationship with your child’s teacher will make it easier for you to stay informed about your child’s progress across all areas of schooling and to work together if problems arise during the year.

On occasions, you might find that your teacher has constructive criticism about your child; it’s important to keep an open mind to the teacher’s comments. Neither the child, nor the teacher is perfect – nor parents for that matter – so, if a problem arises, it’s important to consider both sides of the story. The outcome should be the one that helps your child succeed at school. There needs to be a sensitivity that respects the teacher as a well-trained professional, and respects the parents who have special knowledge of their child.

Our teachers and support staff are dedicated and caring and want to excel in their teaching and guidance of young people.

Everyone likes to be appreciated and teachers are no exception. If we continue with the “We” attitude and work with our child’s teacher, then our child will have a great school year and so will we, and, with a bit of luck, so will the teacher!

It has been a long and somewhat challenging term. Everyone is looking forward to a well-earned rest these holidays. Take the time to relax, recoup and strengthen those family partnerships. Enjoy the holidays and we look forward to renewing the positive relationships that exist across our school community in Term 3.

Take care.

Mr Smith has made the Premier's Reading Challenge a little more exciting for the students. For the class that reads the most books, there will be a lunch party later in the year for them to celebrate their achievements. A book recording form has been sent home. Please contact the office is you require another record form. Happy reading!

Usually at this time of year we would be holding our first information session for prospective Prep students in 2021. Due to the current pandemic, we are holding off this presentation until gatherings are allowed. However, enrolments are now open and this year they are online. Click here to access the application form >>
Should you have any troubles, please contact the office.

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